Baking Equipment

I have had people ask me what kind of equipment I use when I bake. So I decided to make this page to help anyone out if you are new to baking or if you are just curious.

Everything I use to bake I have listed here, hopefully I haven’t missed anything out, I have also linked it all to where I bought it if you would like to buy it. Nothing on this page was gifted or is an affiliated link.

Baking Cups

Stand Mixer

Handheld Mixer


Ice Cream Scoop

Cake Tins

Kitchen Scales

Measuring Spoon

Piping Tips


I hope this has helped when it comes to knowing what you need for basic cake decorating. All of the products above are products I have used in my kitchen. If you have any questions please get in contact me either by email at You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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