I live in Scotland, so I work in grams and celsius, if you however, are living abroad then hopefully you will find these conversion charts helpful. I have tried to include the most common ingredients I use but if you have any questions please get in contact with me.

UK Ingredient

UK IngredientOther names
Plain flourAll purpose Flour
Self-Raising FlourSelf-Rising Flour
Caster SugarSuperfine Sugar
Golden SyrupCorn Syrup
Icing SugarPowdered Sugar or Confectioners’ Sugar
Black TreacleMolasses
Double CreamHeavy Cream
Whole MilkFull-Fat Milk
Digestive BiscuitsGrahams Crackers
Bicarbonate of SodaBaking Soda
Greaseproof paperWax Paper

Cups Conversion

Ingredient1 Cup ¾ cup2/3 cup½ cup1/3 cup
Caster Sugar200g150g135g100g67g
Icing Sugar125g94g83g63g42g
Double Cream240g180g160g120g80g
Whole Milk245g184g163g123g82g
Digestive Biscuits100g75g67g50g33g

Celsius/Fahrenheit/ Gas Mark

CelsiusFahrenheitGas Mark
120C250FGas Mark ½
135C275FGas Mark 1
150C300FGas Mark 2
160C325FGas Mark 3
175C350FGas Mark 4
190C375FGas Mark 5
200C400FGas Mark 6
220C425FGas Mark 7
230C450FGas Mark 8
245C475FGas Mark 9
260C500FGas Mark 10

Cake Tin Sizes Round

Inches Centimetres
6 inches15cm
8 inches20cm
9 inches23cm
11 inches28cm
12 inches30cm

Cake Tin Sizes Square

5 inches13cm
7 inches18cm
8 inches20cm
10 inches25.5cm
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